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Sea Food Entrees

Butter Fish / Butter Shrimp

A mild spice fish or shrimp preparation flavored with thick cream and spices

Fish 65 / Shrimp 65

Fish or Shrimp deep fried and sauteed onions, cumin, carry leaves and spices

Fish Curry / Shrimp Curry

Fish or Shrimp prepared in a traditional sauce

Fish Jalfrezi / Shrimp Jalfrezi

Fish or Shrimp prepared with fresh bell pepper, slice of tomato, onions & flavored sauce

Fish Kadai / Shrimp Kadai

Fish or Shrimp Sauteed in onions, tomatoes, and spices

Fish Korma/Shrimp Korma

Fish or Shrimp fillets simmered in creamy sauce

Fish Saag / Shrimp Saag

Spinach leaves cooked in Fish or Shrimp and spices

Fish Tikka Masala / Fish Tikka Masala

Fish or Shrimp simmered in tomato sauce, onion, bell pepper, sauce with Indian spices

Fish Vindaloo / Shrimp Vindaloo

Fish & Shrimp cook with potatoes and tangy sauce

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