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Goat & Lamb Entrees (Goat has Bone and Lamb is Boneless)

Butter Goat / Butter Lamb

A mildly spiced lamb or goat preparation flavored with thick cream and spices

Goat Achari / Lamb Achari

Goat or Lamb cooked with special Indian pickles in flavorful spicy sauce

Goat Curry / Lamb Curry

Goat or Lamb cooked in a traditional sauce

Goat Jalfrezi / Lamb Jalfrezi

Goat or Lamb cubes prepared with fresh bell pepper, slice of tomato, onion & flavored sauce

Goat Karahi / Lamb Karahi

Lamb or Goat prepared in a fresh tomato and green chili sauce with special spices

Goat Saag / Lamb Saag

Goat or Lamb cooked spinach and spices

Goat Shahi Korma / Lamb Shahi Korma

Goat or Lamb cooked in creamy sauce

Goat Tikka Masala / Lamb Tikka Masala

Tender Lamb/Goat pieces barbeque in tandoor then cooked with rich tomato, onion, bell pepper, sauce with Indian spices

Goat Vindaloo / Lamb Vindaloo

Goat or Lamb cook with potatoes and tangy sauce

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