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Aloo Tikki ( 2 pc.)

Fried seasoned potato patty

Aloo Tikki Chaat

Crispy potato patty topped with chickpeas & Yogurt

Chaat Papdi

Crispy flour chips mixed with potatoes, chopped onions, tamarind & mint chutney, Yogurt

Chicken Pakora

Sliced chicken fried in a lightly spice batter

Chicken Samosa

Crispy pastry stuffed with minced chicken

Cut Mirchi

Batter-fried green chili peppers

Falafel ( 5 pc.)

A deep-fried blend of chickpea flour, parsley and special spices.

Fish Pakora

Sliced fish fried in a lightly spice batter

Onion Pakora

Diced onions - battered and fried

Paneer Pakora

Batter-fried cubes of cottage cheese

Papadam ( 2 pc.)

Mildly-spiced crispy lentil wafer

Potato Pakora

Diced potatoes - battered and fried

Samosa Chaat

Crispy samosa topped with chick peas , yogurt, tamarind & mint chutney's.

Shrimp Pakora

Shrimp fried in a lightly spice batter

Vegetable Pakora

Diced Mixed Vegetables - battered and fried

Vegetable Samosas ( 2 pc.)

Crispy pastries filled with seasoned potatoes and peas

Vegetable Spring Rolls ( 4 pc.)

Crispy wrappers filled with seasoned vegetables.

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